Berlin Debates Berlin Debates is a platform for independent thinking.
It brings people together to discuss the political and social issues of our time.

Adversarial debate breaks an issue down into two opposing positions. Speakers on each side have to convince the audience that they are right. As you listen to the arguments you can also get involved – everyone in the audience can challenge the speakers with a point or a question. See our rules for more details on how the format works.

The aim is to crystallise and test all the arguments – helping you to arrive at your own opinion before a vote at the end of the debate. Then you can continue the discussion online on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

Adversarial debate doesn’t suit every issue. But when it works it is stimulating, enlightening, and a lot of fun.

Each Berlin Debate is a partnership with a think tank, NGO, media outlet or other organisation with an interest in the subject matter. If your organisation would like to be a partner, please get in touch.

Debating is most commonly practised in universities in Britain and the US – and Germany too. For more information about styles of debating, check out these websites: